Access Statement

The Studio at Double Dance is situated in a newly built self-contained annexe, completed in 2003. It thus conforms to all building regulations as relevant at that time.

Ightham is a village mid-way between Sevenoaks and Borough Green. It has limited facilities, featuring one pub which serves meals. There is a farm shop selling supplies (including ready-made meals, fruit and vegetables) and newspapers. The village does not have a train station but there is a basic bus service to Borough Green and Sevenoaks.


  • Visitors ideally need a car when visiting Double Dance. The nearest stations are Borough Green, which is a five minute drive and a circa £3.00 taxi fare. Sevenoaks is 15 minutes away by car, and a circa £15.00 taxi fare. There are buses, but the service is limited to one bus per hour, with the last bus from Sevenoaks departing at 7.08 pm.
  • The bus stops are within easy walking distance of Double Dance.
  • Ightham village centre is within walking distance (3 minutes) although there are no paths and no street lighting until you reach the village itself. Torches are provided for those guests who wish to go out at night time.


  • The Studio has ample off-street parking with a parking bay immediately adjacent making the off-loading of luggage easy.
  • Assistance with luggage is always offered.


  • The Studio is on the first floor of the main house garage block. It is an independent annexe and is accessed by an external staircase of 11 steps, with dual handrails.
  • The accommodation itself is on one floor.
  • The Kentish design of the building incorporates dormer windows resulting in reduced access to three sides of the room, including the kitchen area and the shower room.
  • The bathroom offers an easy access shower with turn knob adjustment.
  • The Studio is spacious with ample access to either side of the bed, and to seating areas.
  • As the Studio is an independent annexe guests have their own front door for access at any time.
  • The Studio includes appropriate fire blanket and extinguisher; smoke detectors; emergency exit signs and emergency lighting on the external staircase in the event of a power cut.
  • A guest folder contains full information on both Studio and local facilities.


  • The Studio has use of a flat garden area with garden furniture. Guests are free to enjoy a walk in the main garden, although warning is always given as to the uneven state of the grass – we suffer from the effects of rabbits, squirrels and moles.
  • The external area is well lit having both sensor security lights and manual external lights.
  • Access to the Studio front door is via a formal path.


Unfortunately the Studio at Double Dance is not suitable for disabled access or indeed for visitors with impaired vision due to the building’s architectural constraints. The Studio’s rural location also dictates that visitors ideally require a car for ease of access.