Latte or Lungo?

If you're a coffee aficionado, then Sevenoaks is rapidly becoming a mecca for the cappuccino crowd!


 It seems that every month, a new cafe appears in Sevenoaks.  For lovers of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, macchiatos, Americanos . . . and the list goes on, Sevenoaks is THE place to indulge your enthusiasm.  Whether you want to linger over a latte, be pepped up by an espresso, or refueled with a cappuccino, there are now numerous delectable cafes to chose from.  In fact, you could select a different cafe for each day of the week!

So this week, try Otto's at the top of Six Bells Lane for a serious coffee shot; or Eat'n'mess on London Road for the Sevenoaks equivalent of the continental 'kaffe und kuchen'; or Sevenoaks Book Shop for a spot of literary inspiration; or the Vine Cafe for a moment of history as you gaze on the oaks of 'Sevenoaks'; or Malabar for great coffee, out doors; Valentinas for a touch of Italian culture and the new kid on the block, Mimi Bakery, where you can enjoy your coffee and buy your bread. 

So hurry along and explore!


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